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Lash Care

  • Clean your lashes daily using a mild soap or eyelash extension cleanser with a brush or your fingertips. This is extremely important!
  • Brush your lashes daily after getting them wet or in the mornings. Make this a part or your morning routine.
  • No picking, pulling or rubbing. This will damage your natural lashes and will result in your lash tech refusing services for unhealthy lashes.
  • No cutting or trimming your lashes
  • No oily products around your lashes. This can cause the lash adhesive to dissolve.
  • No mascara. This will also break down the lash adhesive.
  • No lash curlers
  • Keep away from extreme heat such as blow dryers, ovens and liters.
  • Try your best to sleep on your back or side
  • Book fills regularly 
  • Have your extensions removed if you no longer want or need them.